In game leaderboard

Everything you need to know about the in game leaderboard that appears at the end of every competitive game.

Leaderboard screen

The in game leaderboard is divided into three parts:

  • At the very top you can see the game logo and on the right side the MultiBall logo.
    On the left, you will be able to include your own logo in the future.
  • "Your score" shows the score and rank of the currently logged in players.
    You can log in using either the LYMB.iO app or our player queue feature.
  • "Top 10 Players" shows the ten best players according to the setting that you defined in your admin page "Game ranking settings" section.

The colors highlight the currently logged in players, the rank is indicated with a hashtag "#", the three best players have a trophy next to their name. If two or more players scored the same amount of points, they also get the same rank.

You can change the settings of the in game leaderboard using the "Game ranking settings" tab in your admin page.

Leaderboard settings

The Ranking data system selection gives you three options:

  • Global : The scores of all systems worldwide are included in the leaderboard.
  • Owned : The scores of all your owned system are included in the leaderboard.
  • Selected : The scores of only the selected system are included in the leaderboard, usually this is the option you want.

The Ranking data date selection allows you to select a time range.

Finally, the Show a single score per player checkbox allows you to switch been showing every score or only the highscore of every player.

Please remember to click on the Save button to confirm your changes, the changes get applied to the leaderboard immediately.

Leaderboard customization (Paid feature)

You can customize some parts of the leaderboard if you buy a "game branding" for that specific game. These parts include a custom logo in the top left corner, the background video or image, the background of the leaderboard entries, the font (but not the font size), whether you want the cups to be shown, and if you want the game logo at the top center to be shown.