Projector Maintenance

Our projectors are almost maintenance-free, but as with every device that depends on the environmental conditions. From time to time it is therefore advisable to clean the projector air intake and outlet. How often that is required depends on how dust-heavy the room is, we recommend cleaning it at least once a year. Most projectors show an overheating on the screen and/or have an LED showing a temperature problem.

Please refer to the manual of your projector to get a better understanding, most of the time the cleaning process is like this:

  1. Filter Cleaning

    • Power off the projector and disconnect it from the power source.

    • Locate and remove the projector filters (if possible).

    • Thoroughly clean the filters to eliminate any accumulated dust or debris using e.g. a vacuum-cleaner or compressed air.

    • Ensure the filters are completely dry before reinstalling them.

  2. Airflow and Temperature Check

    • Inspect the projector's surroundings for potential obstructions hindering proper airflow.

    • Ensure the projector has adequate space for ventilation.

    • Verify that the ambient temperature in the projector's location falls within the specified range.

  3. Image Alignment Corrections

    • Power on the projector after reinserting the filters.

    • Confirm that the projected image aligns correctly within the Multiball frame.

    • Adjust the projector as necessary to achieve the desired alignment.