Pay 2 Play

How to connect a MultiBall system to a Pay 2 Play device and configure it correctly

Introduction to Pay 2 Play

The Pay 2 Play feature enhances the MultiBall system by offering a user-friendly and automated method for customers to enjoy interactive gaming experiences. Ideal for sports facilities, entertainment centers, and public venues. This feature provides convenient self-service options and automates the booking process.

Basic Feature Flow


  • The system starts in locked mode: The system displays the screensaver video and a message that it is locked.  To be able to play, a payment must first be made with the Pay 2 Play device.
  • After Payment: The system unlocks and switches to the main menu automatically. Users can now choose games and keep playing until the time runs out.
  • It is possible to pay again during a session to add additional playing time.

Setting Up Pay 2 Play

Integrating Pay 2 Play with your MultiBall system requires a compatible payment device and a special cable included in our starter set.


  • A compatible card reader, coin machine or similar device that acts as a potential-free relay, that sends a pulse (closing contacts) triggered by payment.
  • The special cable from the Pay 2 Play starter set.

Steps for Configuration:

  1. Connecting the Pay 2 Play Device: Use the cable from the starter set to connect your payment device to the MultiBall system. The USB end plugs into the MultiBall console, and the other end into your payment device.

  2. Device Functionality: The Pay 2 Play device switches the cable connection like a potential-free relay upon payment, sending a pulse to the MultiBall system to unlock and add configured playtime.

  3. Configuring Time and Payment: Adjust the playing time and payment amounts in the MultiBall system settings.


Additional Features for Enhanced Control

The Pay 2 Play system includes two additional modes for greater flexibility:

  1. PauseOnMenu: This feature pauses the timer when the game is paused or when the system is on the main menu (game selection). It ensures that customers are not charged when not actively playing.

  2. Replay Timer: This function stops the timer when the game is paused or when the system is in the main menu (game selection). It ensures that customers are not charged when they are not actively playing.

Automated Customer Interaction

Pay 2 Play allows customers to independently initiate their gaming sessions.

  • Self-Service Activation: Customers activate the system by swiping a card or inserting coins.
  • Adding Time: Additional playtime can be added as needed.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The Pay 2 Play feature provides intuitive interfaces and real-time feedback.

  • In-Session Information: Display of remaining time and interactive prompts.
  • Flexibility: Options to pause and extend playtime.

Support and Troubleshooting

For issues with Pay 2 Play:

  1. Verify the payment device's connection and settings.
  2. Review the Pay 2 Play settings on your MultiBall system.
  3. Use the Health page on your Admin website to send a ticket.


The Pay 2 Play feature adds a new level of self-service, engagement, and convenience to the MultiBall experience, enabling owners to automate system booking and giving customers control over their playtime.