Player Queue

The Player queue feature for MultiBall allows you to quickly register and login players in a short amount of time. This creates the perfect opportunity to manage fast-paced events with a big throughput of players


The Player queue feature for MultiBall allows you to quickly register and login players in a short amount of time. This creates the perfect opportunity to manage fast-paced events with a big throughput of players, e.g. to have a competition and handing out prices for the best players or to query users for information they want to share or want to receive.

This feature overrules the login via app. If the Player queue is enabled, even if a user is logging in via app, the games will still use the active player of the Player queue. To re-enable the usual login via app, the Player queue has to be disabled on the Edit page of the respective system.

Feature List

The Player Queue comes with a lot of features right away, which will be further extended in the future:

  • Register Players
  • Customize fields for players to fill out
  • Add a confirmation modal (e.g. for your privacy notice) that users have to accept first
  • Add optional/mandatory checkboxes (e.g. subscribe to newsletter)
  • Save records with specific event name and date
  • Download the stored records as csv file
  • Configure displayed fields in the queue
  • Order the registered players according to different metrics
  • Use a dedicated landing page on any device with an internet browser to display the queue

Player Queue


You can find the Player queue options on the Systems tab in your MultiBall Admin. Edit the system you want to use the queue for to find the configuration options for the feature.


The checkbox is used to enable/disable the player queue feature. This is currently only configurable by LYMB.iO on request.


You can add fields and give them a name using the Add field button. The Delete button will delete the field again. The field Email and Display name are needed to associate the players on the system and cannot be disabled. 

By using the dropdown menu, you can make a field optional or mandatory for the user to fill out. A field can be displayed with the user's input in the player queue or stay hidden.

The configuration of the fields is dynamically updated if you make a change, so you can immediately see the results on the landing page.

By checking Do not allow play again, you can avoid players to be logged in multiple times. If this box stays unchecked, a player can be logged in again and the new score will overwrite the former one.

Order name list by:

You can order the player list according to three different filters, namely Best Score, Last Input first and alphabetically by display name

Confirmation Modal:


You can activate a confirmation modal that users have to accept when registering for the Player queue. To activate this feature, please click on the Save button in the lower right corner, as the activation will currently not update automatically.

When a user clicks on the Add to queue button, a popup window will appear where the player has to accept the conditions provided in the text. Additionally, you can add checkboxes that users may check optionally.


You can store intermediate results of the player queue using the Save records button. Please note that this will empty the current list of players also.

You can add an Event name to uniquely distinguish the records, the Date will be added automatically. A click on Get record will download the saved records as a csv file.

If you want to download all current records since the last reset in a single file, please refer to the Download Records button.

The Reset name input button will empty the list of players completely. Please note that you can still download the specifically saved records afterwards.


Landing Page

To access your landing page, click on the Open Player queue button in the configuration options. That will open a new tab in your browser showing the fields you configured and the player queue (which is still empty).

You can open the URL of the landing page on any device to get to the Player queue. Alternatively, you can generate a QR Code of the URL to let players register on their smartphone. Please note that currently the landing page contains also a button to download the gathered user records.

Registered players will appear in the Player queue under the registration section. The name and score of the player will always be displayed. Other fields can be configured to be shown in the queue if desired.

By hitting the Apply button, a player is immediately logged into the system. The score he reaches in the game will update in real time on the player queue screen.

Please note that a new player should only be app

lied if the current round of the game is finished (the scoring/leaderboard screen of the game). Otherwise, the score of the current player will propagate to the newly logged in player instead.

Game Rankings

If you want to show your players their current scores and have them know who to beat, you can use the game rankings screen. On the Edit Page of your Systems, go to the Game Rankings settings to configure your leaderboard.

If you want, you can choose to show only players of the selected, owned or all systems. Additionally, you can filter the highscores for a specific type of dates and time ranges.

Please note that these changes are also reflected in the in game leaderboards.

After considering your configuration, click on the Open court game ranking button to open the respective landing page.

The Game Ranking landing page shows the current game of the system and the players with the respective scores according to the filters you set in your configuration.

The Game Rankings, the same as the Player queue, can be opened and shared via its URL. Games that support the Player queue will update the player name and score in real time.